If your interests are threatened in a business or personal dispute at trial, an adverse courtroom decision doesn’t have to be the end of the litigation process. Manning Fulton lawyers, during more than 55 years of appellate practice, have handled hundreds of matters for both appellants and appellees in federal and state appellate courts at all levels. We have a history of developing winning legal theories and strategies at the outset of litigation. However, when the appeals process becomes necessary, we are skilled at preparing and responding to post-verdict motions, and briefing and arguing appeals. Manning Fulton attorneys have been involved in over three hundred appeals at the federal and state level resulting in new precedents in virtually all areas of the law.

Making a successful appeal, or successfully defending against an adversary’s appeal, requires knowledge and preparation. Our appellate lawyers offer a wide range of services that extend well beyond briefing and oral argument. Working with your trial counsel, whether from our firm or another, we handle all aspects of an appeal, including:

  • Perfecting the appeal
  • Identifying appealable issues
  • Developing appellate strategies
  • Drafting persuasive appellate briefs
  • Preparing appellate motions
  • Presenting oral argument
  • Assisting in post-trial negotiations and case settlement

In addition to traditional appeals from final judgment, our litigation attorneys can handle such specialized actions as securing writs of certiorari for review by a higher court, and filing "friend of the court" amicus briefs on behalf of individual companies, trade associations, and public interest groups.

The keys to success in appellate representation are knowledge and preparation. Manning Fulton lawyers have a solid record of defending the interests of our clients in appeals courts. We are dedicated to defending the gains you have won at trial or finding the right arguments to overturn a decision unfavorable to you.

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