Few events are a bigger threat to your business than the bankruptcy of a partner, customer or vendor. While bankruptcy courts exist to give debtors a "fresh start" free of their debts, the Bankruptcy Code also protects the rights of certain creditors. Manning Fulton lawyers represent creditors exclusively in bankruptcy proceedings. We understand the remedies available to creditors and pursue their claims for the maximum recovery of assets.

Manning Fulton lawyers are experienced in dealing with debtors, debtor’s lawyers, trustees, administrators and bankruptcy courts. We understand the complications of dealing with bankrupt customers, suppliers, business partners and associates. We help our clients avoid the pitfalls from collection or communication efforts that the Bankruptcy Code prohibits. Even if your business is affected by a bankruptcy filed in another state, we can give you guidance and often work with debtors’ attorneys and trustees to resolve issues.

Our lawyers also understand the intricacies of another bankruptcy snare, the "preference period." Preference laws can force vendors and service providers to repay money rightfully earned for goods or services paid for by debtors before the bankruptcy filing. We are familiar with the preference law exceptions and defense that may allow your business to keep such payments.

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