Investor Representation

Private financings through angel investors, venture capital funds, leveraged buyout funds, private equity funds, corporate strategic investment programs, and other private investors can be important sources of capital for a growing company. Manning Fulton has represented investors in a variety of private equity and debt transactions, including bridge loans, convertible debt and warrants, preferred stock rounds, senior debt and mezzanine transactions, and subordination and intercreditor arrangements, among others.

We represent investors in privately-held and public companies on a wide range of issues related to their investments in these companies. Our attorneys help clients plan, structure, negotiate and document debt and equity financing transactions We also assist with planning and to satisfy their financing and investment needs from initial investment through exit.

Our lawyers counsel clients on director and officer liability issues, income, estate and gift tax, and on federal and state securities compliance.

We assist in planning, negotiation and documentation of debt and equity offerings, planning and executing exit strategies, add-on investments, recapitalizations and restructurings.

We also advise on corporate governance, executive compensation and employee incentive plans, intellectual property, commercial contracts, and other matters.

In every transaction, our goal is to work with our client’s investment bankers, accountants, and other advisors to help our client choose the financing and exit plans that are most effective and efficient to meet their goals, and to provide our services in the most cost-effective manner for the client.

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