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At this time of year, there are many organizations that work tirelessly to ensure families across the Triangle experience the joy of Christmas. One of these organizations is Capital City Clauses, whose mission is to enrich children’s lives with hope, cheer and joy. The group engages community, individual and corporate partners through events and fundraising to ensure kids have gifts under the tree on Christmas Day.

Over the years, Manning, Fulton & Skinner has supported this organization and attorney John Hardin served as a board member and former board president. Leading into the Christmas season, John answered a few questions about the organization. Here’s what he had to say.

Why is Capital City Clauses important for the Triangle community?

Hardin: “The Capital City Clauses ensures that every child in need in Wake County has toys under his or her tree on Christmas morning. Moreover, and just as important, it empowers the parents of these children in a unique and meaningful way. Parents are able to ‘shop’ for their children at the Salvation Army’s Christmas Cheer facility. Each and every year, the Capital City Clauses finds a way to impact children across our community.”

Why did you want to get involved?

Hardin: “When my wife and I moved to Raleigh in 2007, we both began to look for opportunities to get to know our community and give back. Rachel and I, at different times, served on this board and we both, ultimately, served as presidents of the board. The Capital City Clauses board is made up entirely of volunteers, most of whom are young professionals from Wake County, who are eager to make a real impact on the community we call home.”

How do you anticipate Capital City Clauses will grow in the coming years, and why do you think more people within the Triangle should participate?

Hardin: “Each and every year, the Capital City Clauses grows. For years, the focus of the board was fairly narrow – let’s get as many toys in the hands of underprivileged children as possible. In recent years, the organization has broadened its mission.

For the last few years, the board opted to purchase every single item for all of the remaining Angel Tree families on a date certain. This has relieved a huge amount of pressure from the Salvation Army, who fulfill the needs of those families as Christmas approaches. Three years ago, the board also decided to use its resources to help purchase the school supplies to start each school year.

In short, the organization is focused but has the resources and expertise to help across the community when needed. Capital City Clauses makes a real impact on the Triangle.”

To learn more about Capital City Clauses, watch this video about the headliner annual event — the Jingle Ball.

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