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Our Expertise

While franchising can be a powerful way to grow a brand, the complex and varied laws and regulations governing franchising can intimidate even the most experienced businessperson seeking to expand their business.

Over the past two decades, Manning Fulton has helped over 40 franchisor clients launch, grow, and protect their brands through franchising. We can take care of every regulatory aspect of franchising, from preparing franchise disclosure documents (“FDDs”) and franchise agreements, to filing federal trademarks, navigating the franchise registration process in all states, and maintaining FDDs to address changes in each client’s system and the evolving legal landscape.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of working with a franchise team that has prepared, reviewed and registered hundreds of franchise disclosure documents (“FDDs”), has a deep understanding of federal and state regulations, and has a working relationship with regulators from every registration state. We understand that no franchise system is perfect, and therefore, our lawyers are experienced in dealing with state regulators to bring non-compliant and inadvertent franchisors into compliance. With various pricing options, including flat fees, we take the complexity out of franchising so our clients can focus on what they do best—growing their brand.

Our franchise law team routinely advises franchisors on franchise registration and compliance issues such as:

  • Representing emerging franchisors in developing their initial franchise disclosure document and franchise agreements
  • Assisting franchisors in obtaining and maintaining their state franchise registrations
  • Developing area developer and master franchise programs
  • Acquiring franchise systems
  • Conducting franchise compliance audits
  • Acquiring franchised units
  • Refranchising franchisor-owned locations
  • Preparing franchise transfer documentation
  • Preparing and negotiating supplier arrangements
  • Advising franchisors and executive management on development of franchise system policies including site selection policies, internet and social networking policies, and franchisee audit procedures
  • Reviewing franchise operation manuals for legal pitfalls
  • Technology licensing agreements
  • Trademark registrations
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Franchise terminations

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