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Our Expertise

Manning Fulton franchising attorneys’ extensive experience in representing franchisors makes us invaluable to the franchisees we represent. Our team has represented franchisees from more than 100 brands in all types of industries. We provide franchise, corporate, financing and mergers and acquisition expertise to some of the largest multi-unit franchisees in the United States, as well as to those who aspire to join their ranks. The rapid growth of franchise systems requires an experienced advisor dedicated to navigating the complex area of state and federal laws and regulations impacting franchise relations.

When we counsel our franchisee clients, we assist them in such matters as:

  • Reviewing franchise disclosure documents (“FDDs”) and negotiating terms of franchise agreements
  • Expanding their businesses in the US and internationally by acquiring new franchise rights or purchasing existing franchise locations selling their businesses
  • Representing both buyers and sellers in mergers and acquisition transactions
  • Securing necessary financing to grow the franchise
  • Handling franchise real estate issues and negotiating lease provisions
  • Structuring tax-efficient business operations
  • Resolving disputes with franchisors and suppliers
  • Assisting with renewal, default, and termination related issues
  • Dealing with employment law issues

Advising automotive franchisees on their rights under North Carolina law

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