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Your employees can make or break your business. Smart management of your personnel relationships is crucial to your success. An increasingly complex array of state and federal laws has made this area a minefield for employers. Even companies who work hard to do the right thing by their employees can find themselves in trouble by unwittingly running afoul of the myriad of laws that govern the employment relationship. Manning Fulton can assist employers in navigating this minefield.

We work with a broad range of employers, both large and small and understand that whether your business is growing or has been established for a number of years, every business is unique. We work closely with you to understand your industry, your business, your workforce and the particular risks and challenges you face.

The best way to deal with employment law problems is to keep them from occurring. We work with employers to develop and implement strategies for administering personnel relationships in order to head off problems before they arise. This work includes anything from drafting and revising employee handbooks, developing critical company policies, and auditing current company policies, all in an effort to reduce your risk of employment-related claims and lawsuits.

We work with your HR managers to implement Company policies and routinely act as outside corporate counsel to assist in hiring decisions, executive compensation issues, reorganizations and downsizing, disciplinary action, termination issues, employee grievances, internal investigations, among other human resource issues that arise within companies on a daily basis.

Finally, we work with businesses to help protect what has been built by drafting employment, non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality and separation agreements that treat your employees fairly, but minimize their ability to harm your business through unfair competition when they leave your employ.

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