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Our Expertise

With the largest franchise practice in the Carolinas, Manning Fulton is uniquely qualified to handle franchise disputes and litigation.  Manning Fulton’s experienced litigation team has prosecuted and defended “bet the company” franchise litigation; trademark, copyright and trade dress disputes; non-competes; terminations; rescissions; renewals; royalty disputes; non-disclosure; fraud; and unfair and deceptive trade practice claims.

Depending on the parties, the franchise system, and the applicable laws and jurisdictions, we have the experience and knowledge to help our clients each step of the way. We can best assist when we are contacted as early as possible. We can help frame the dispute, investigate any claims or defenses, analyze the applicable laws and regulations, and determine the strategy to achieve our clients’ goals. We understand that disputes are often best resolved before they are litigated. Our franchise team uses creative solutions both in designing the franchise agreement to avoid disputes and in resolving disputes before a lawsuit is filed. But if litigation or arbitration is required, we have an experienced team of litigators to maximize our clients’ probability of achieving their desired outcomes.

We have extensive experience representing franchisors and franchisees in disputes in North Carolina and nationally. When it comes time to protecting your brand, your territory, your business or ability to earn a living, we have the wisdom and experience to handle the case.

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